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Medical facilities

Health care

The health centre is responsible for administering student healthcare. In accordance with clause 6 of §14 of the national health law "the health centre shall administer, regardless of the student's domicile, student healthcare which shall comprise the monitoring of health conditions within an educational institute, student healthcare, medical care and dental care (21.8.1998/647)". However, this only applies to EU citizens.

Each education unit has a qualified nurse to whom a student may refer at the health centre in non-urgent matters during medical consultation times. More information about healthcare contact staff is available from the Student Affairs Office at your unit of study.

Student psychologist

The student psychologist is available for free confidential counselling for Centria UAS students' who have problems in their study career or in other parts of life. The counselling offers students the opportunity to seek solutions and coping strategies to their concerns, and to plan their future. The purpose of the services is to support the progress of studies, and to promote well-being among the students.

The student psychologist can help you when

• your life situation is stressing or exhausting you,
• your personal relationships are in a mess,
• you feel that you have no self-confidence, or control over your life,
• you are not progressing in your study,
• you are considering quitting your study,
• your vocational choice or identity needs reflecting,
• you need support for becoming independent and mature,
• you are distressed, anxious or depressed.

You may book an appointment with the student psychologist by phone or email. In addition, the Centria UAS student care staff and teacher tutors may direct you to the psychologist. In Kokkola, the psychologist's reception is in the Unit of Technology and Business, Talonpojankatu 2. In Pietarsaari and Ylivieska, the receptions are held in locations agreed upon separately with the student.

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