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Work Placements


Centria is often able to provide an applicant with a practical placement in our premises, laboratories, and partner organizations. Usually, we organize the placements in the following fields:

  • Technology (IT, Automatization of Production, Industrial Engineering, Chemistry, etc.),
  • Social Services,
  • Health Care,
  • International Relations,
  • etc.


How to proceed?


Prepare your:

  • CV to show your qualifications and experience,
  • Motivation Letter to show what kind of placement you are looking for and what is the field of your interest. 

Send the documents to incoming@centria.fi to consult, if Centria is able to provide you with a suitable offer.


When should I apply?


There is no specific deadline for applying for practical placements. Centria handles applications for placements all year long.


Contact details


If you have any questions, please, contact the International Coordinators in Centria via incoming@centria.fi.

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