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Applying with open university of applied science's studies

Students who have completed studies in the Open University of Applied Sciences (UAS) may use the open UAS pathway to apply for degree student status on the basis of these studies without applying through the national joint application process. The separate Open UAS application process recognises completed Open UAS studies which are applicable to the degree programme being applied for as well as relevant studies completed at other Finnish higher education institutions. The student selection process is informed by educational resources and occupancy rate.

English language instruction programmes can also be applied for through the Open UAS. Courses should mainly have been completed in the language of instruction.


General selection criteria 

The applicant has completed a minimum of 45 credits of recognised studies for the programme being applied for. General eligibility criteria for applying as defined in the University of Applied Sciences Act are waived.

Social services and healthcare path study students at Centria University of Applied Sciences need 45 credits of open path studies. Also, an open path student accepted as a degree student must complete 60 credits during the first year in order to continue studies in a second academic year.

The director of the department decides if the applicant’s studies can be recognised for the degree programme.

Completed courses need to be entered in the study register by the time of final selection. The director of the department will decide if the applicant’s studies are applicable for the programme. Selection is made department specifically according to set criteria.


Application period

Apply for degree programmes through the Open path application at Studyinfo.fi. Applications can be made between 1 April - 31 May and between 1 October - 30 November


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