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Entrance Examinations autumn 2016

All eligible applicants will be invited to entrance examination. 

Entrance examination cooperation autumn 2016

Applicant who has applied to 1-6 degree programmes that are included in the same field of study and accept each other's results will be invited only to one entrance examination. The result will be accepted in all the co-operating degree programmes that the applicant has applied to. Please note, that only the highest option within the same examination group can invite you to the entrance examination.

Centria UAS will arrange entrance examinations in autumn 2016 in the following countries:

  • China (Hong Kong, Japan, Mongolia, South-Korea)
  • Vietnam (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand)
  • Nepal (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka)
  • Poland (Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine)
  • Russia (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Tadzhikistan, Ukraine)
  • Lithuania
  • Czech Republic
  • Greece
  • Bulgaria
  • Cameroon (only applicants whose country of residence is Cameroon willl be invited to write the entrance exam in Cameroon)

Entrance examinations are arranged in the countries mentioned above in case of 15 or more eligible applicants.

Applicants living in the neighbouring countries (mentioned in the brackets) can be invited to the entrance examinations of the respective country.

Applicants will be invited only to Finland and to the country of their address (given in the application) if the exam will be held there. Eligible applicants will receive written invitations with further details on exam date, time and location.

The Degree Programme in Business Management is in cooperation with Lahti University of Applied Sciences Degree Programme in International Business.

This cooperation means that you can apply to both of these degree programmes but you must take part to the entrance exam of your higher preference. However please notice that the pre-reading material is different at Centria UAS and Lahti UAS and an applicant only needs to read the pre-reading material of the University of Applied Sciences he/she listed as higher preference. Please notice that those applicants who are applying in discretionary admission will read the entrance exam material of the University of Applied Sciences they receive the entrance exam invitation to.

Please notice that Centria's Degree Programme in International Business (part-time) is NOT in cooperation with any other degree program.

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