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I got accepted in January 2020, where can I find more information about the orientation days as well as the start of my studies?

More information concerning the start of newly accepted students (January 2020) will be shared via video sent to emails during the second half of June. Also, the next academic year´s schedules as well as orientation days program are already published and can be found here:


When can I apply for one of the Bachelor´s degree programmes?

The last application period for Bachelor´s degree programmes conducted in English (except of the Nursing programme) was open from 1 July until 17 July, 2020. The next application period for degree programmes conducted in English for applicants applying with a qualification completed outside Finland will be open at the beginning of 2021 and the programmes are going to start in August 2021.


How does corona situation influence newly accepted students?

We acknowledge that due to the unfortunate outbreak of the Corona virus, there has been concern and uncertainty for our newly accepted students regarding for example tuition fee payments and residence permit issues. We understand the concern and we want to offer support in the ways we can. For example, we made changes concerning the early bird discount, we apologize late arrivals and we are preparing to start the academic year with online courses. More information can be request at Admissions office email -


Which degree programmes does Centria UAS offers?

Every year, Centria UAS offers multiple Bachelor´s degree programmes and one Master´s degree programme in English.

  • Current list of offered Bachelor´s degree programmes can be found here.
  • Current information about the Master´s degree programme can be found here.


When can I apply for a bachelor's programme?

The application period for applicants applying with a qualification completed OUTSIDE Finland is usually in January. However, the application period may vary annually. The exact dates for the application period will be published here before the application period starts.

The application period for applicants applying with a qualification completed IN Finland is usually in March. However, the application period may vary annually. The exact dates for the application period will be published here before the application period starts.

Are there any tuition fees and who has to pay them?

According to law, Centria UAS is obliged to charge tuition fees from citizens of a country outside the European Union(EU) and the European Economic Area(EEA) or Switzerland. The current tuition fees can be found here.

How much are the tuition fees for bachelor's degree programmes?

Centria UAS has set the tuition fees for the academic year 2020/2021 as follows:

Degree programme Tuition fee/ Academic year
Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Management, Business Management - ERP, International Business) 7000 €*
Bachelor of Engineering (Business Intelligence Technologies, Industrial Management, Information Technology, Environmental Chemistry and Technology) 7000 €*
Bachelor of Health Care (Nursing) 8500 €*

Read more about the tuition fees here.

Does Centria UAS offer any scholarships?

Centria UAS offers a scholarship scheme for tuition fee paying students: For the Bachelor´s degree programmes, students get a 50% voucher on the following year’s tuition fee under a condition that he or she has completed 55 credits during the previous academic year.

Read more about the scholarships here.

What is the early bird discount?

If an applicant accepts the study place and pay the tuition fee within two weeks after recieving an acceptance notification from Centria UAS, he or she gets an early bird discount which is 1500€ discount off the tuition fee.

Read more about the early bird discount here.


To be able to study in Finland, do I need a residence permit?

After you receive your acceptance letter from Centria UAS you should check the immigration formalities. The residence permit process might take several months. Make sure that you have enough time to complete all the necessary steps in order to get your residence permit process ready in time. 

The regulations concerning the stay in Finland and the visa regulations can be found on the web page of the Finnish Immigration Service

You must submit your residence permit application to Finnish embassy in the country of your legal residence.

Through e-service you can access residence permit applications related to studies in the case of both the first permit and extended permits (

  • If you have submitted your application via e-service, you need to visit a Finnish embassy to verify your identity and to present the original copies of any supplements needed for the application.

Please note that Centria UAS cannot influence the decisions made by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland regarding residence permits.

When does the academic year start at Centria UAS?

Centria´s degree programmes usually start in autumn (August/September). Detailed information of the important dates of the academic year can be found here.


Can I register (enroll) as absent for one or more semesters?

Students in degree programmes that started after 1st of August 2015 can be registered as absent for a maximum of 1 academic year (two academic terms) without a specific reason (so-called subjective right for absence).

If the student has legal grounds for the absence, he/she must submit appropriate documentation to the student services (Talonpojankatu 2). Legal grounds for the absence are the Conscription Act, Non-Military Service Act or family leaves. The required documentation can be, for example, call-up order, Kela's certificate of maternity, paternity or parental allowance period or a medical certificate of the pregnancy.

Registration as absent on legal grounds does not affect the student’s subjective right for being absent for one academic year. The regular completion time does not include the absences on legal grounds (Conscription Act/Non-Military Service Act or family leaves) or other absences (illness/injury/any other reason) that are maximum of two academic periods.

Although, first year students are only allowed to register as absent if having some of above-mentioned legal grounds. It is not possible to register as absent without a specific reason.

Read more about the enrolment process here.


Who can provide me more information and answer my questions?

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact Centria´s Admissions office at or via phone at +358 40 808 6604. If you are contacting the Admissions office and you already have an application number, please state it in your email to ease the recognition process.

For detailed information about the processes for Moroccan students, please contact Centria´s representative and project coordinator Youssef Hammouche via email at or via phone at +358 40 626 1586 (email, WhatsApp, WeChat).

For detailed information about the processes for Vietnamese students, please contact Centria´s representative and project coordinator Huong Thai via email at or via phone at +358 46 610 9574 (email, WhatsApp).

For detailed information about the processes for Chinese students, please contact Centria´s representative and project coordinator Li Xu via email at or via phone at +358 40 182 7485 (email, WhatsApp) or via WeChat at xulifinland.


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