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Student associations

Student union

The Student Union of Centria University of Applied Sciences (COPSA) exists to promote the interests of students in Centria University of Applied Sciences. COPSA also recruits and trains the student tutors, organizes sport turns for students and organizes all kinds of events and sport tournaments. COPSA consists of student actives (Board members and Representatives) and two full-time employees. A student can become a member of the student union by ordering a student card. Exchange students can also order a Finnish student card (without a payment ability) at www.frank.fi. With the student card the student is, among other things, entitled to all the student discounts in Finland (including discount on transportation). The main office of COPSA is located at the campus at Talonpojankatu campus, Kokkola.

Other student associations

For engineering students: CentrIO ry
For business students: Perikato ry

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