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Simulation in SILMU-laboratory

Simulation is not only for those studying to become a pilot or a forest machine operator. Simulation is also suitable for observing non-material subjects and even for developing services. Centria’s SILMU-laboratory (Service innovation lab for multidisciplinary co-creation) in Talonpojankatu Campus can be used say for studying purchasing experiences in stores and developing product disposition so that in the future the customers shopping baskets will be more filled with products.

While a prototype is made when designing physical products, SILMU-laboratory can be used to simulate services. Projector located in the laboratory projects images and videos onto two walls. Sound and image makes it possible to empathize with the different situations better than written text. Real working life situations are being carried out in the laboratory and the students’ development ideas are immediately exploitable by the businesses.

SILMU-laboratory is a simulation environment and collaborative workspace, which enables presenting the services as a visual data for fast development and experimenting by utilising different digital tools. New perspectives and ideas are born through experimenting when students and experts from different fields of study meet in the collision point of new ideas.

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