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Modern teaching facilities

Centria campuses conceal modern teaching facilities, where learning is exciting and encourages creativity. Teacher can teach say in Ylivieska and the teaching can be followed from anywhere. Modern teaching facilities can be found in each of our student towns.

Modern teaching facilities have been carried out with the newest technology on the market. Wireless microphones have been located all around the teaching facilities, so that the teacher can speak where ever and the sounds will be audible for everyone behind remote access. The teachers’ distribution is wide and (s)he can move while being visible to all students participating through remote access. Sound reproduction has been carried out to the T and the teaching facilities have short throw projectors where teacher can stand motioning in front of the picture without covering the view.

Skype for Business or Adobe Connect Pro work as communication tool which can reach all students despite of their terminal device and location. With technology the teacher can distribute material to every student regardless of where they are located around the world. Through file sharing the students can make their own entries such as underlining and comments on the fly to the material distributed by the teacher.

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