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3D printing and scanning

3D came into the building

Think of a world where toys can be manufactured at home again. A world, where production is being transferred back from Asia to western countries. A world, where motorists’ life gets easier, because a new joint protective rubber is being manufactured at the spot at the spare part dealer. This world is the world of 3D-scanning and printing and it’s this day at Centria!

3D-printer supported by 3D-scanner can be found from our industrial management laboratory in Ylivieska. In practice the printable product can first be modelled as three-dimensional in the scanner and then printed as complete item. Production takes place in layers by adding raw material so long that the item reaches its final form. In 3D-printing the product is being made from raw material which can be say thin plastic tape.

3D-equipment is being utilised in teaching and especially in Centrias R&D, which students can take part in the form of projects. 3D-equipment is being utilised in the economic and working life by e.g. design companies and artistic and industrial companies which have their own product development. Thus students gain important contacts to working life during their studies.

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