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Centria in brief for parents

Dear parents,

we have gathered here some information about studies and life in Finland and Kokkola. We understand that sending your child abroad is a big decision and we hope to provide some soothing to your worries!

Why Finland / Kokkola? 

Finland is a country in northern Europe, and it is famous for its beautiful nature. Finland is the most efficient and developed country in the world when it comes to education. It also has high-quality living standards. Finnish degrees are not only recognized worldwide but highly appreciated.

Centria University of Applied Sciences is a higher educational institution located on the western coast of Finland. We offer programs ranging from Business Management to Environmental Chemistry and Technology, Information technology, and Nursing, entirely taught in English. We also offer programs in music, social work, and youth education, which are taught in Finnish. 

Why Centria UAS 

Centria University of Applied Sciences offers practically oriented education; students grow into problem solvers by studying theory and learning through practice and workshops. Centria hosts just a bit over 3000 students, meaning that each student benefits from a secure support system from the teachers. Students also have excellent work placement possibilities thanks to the university’s close ties with the local companies.  

Centria has top-notch Research and Development activities, which offer excellent work placement and study possibilities to students. Our Research and Development have been nationally recognized.

How is the studying style like in Finland?  

Studies at Centria University of Applied Sciences are very practically oriented: students work on real-life cases, visit companies, and undertake work placements.  Students are personally guided throughout their studies, both by a student counselor as well as an allocated teacher tutor that advises them on all issues.   

Upon their arrival, student tutors welcome the students; they will show the newcomers around their new town and explain to them how to get around. The student union COPSA organizes events throughout the year to help students get to know each other, such as outdoor activities, games, parties, etc.

A few words about finances, working and scholarships  

  • Students should plan to spend around 600€ / month 
  • Accommodation* 200-300 € / month
  • Food ~ 200 € / month  
  • Books, class material ~ 50€ / month  
  • Transportation fees ~ 0 € / month (everything is close by, easy to ride around by bike)  

 * accommodation in shared student accommodation  

Living costs in Kokkola are cheaper than in the capital area.  

Students from outside of the EU/ETA area are required to pay tuition fees. More information about them online.  Students may apply for scholarships for the second year of study. 

Students may look for part-time jobs, but local companies often require some Finnish skills for even basic positions. However, Finnish language studies are a part of the curricula.

Safety in Finland  

Kokkola is a human-sized town, which is extremely safe for all: the crime rate is extremely low, and it is safe to walk around at any time. The city is surrounded by nature and close to the sea; students can enjoy the pure fresh air and the outdoors at any time!

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