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Business Management
Tutkinto: Bachelor of Business Administration
Opintomuoto: Full-time studies
Opintojen laajuus:3,5 years, 210 credits
Kampus: Talonpojankatu 2, Kokkola
Aloituspaikat: 50
Next application round is planned for spring 2022

Welcome to develop your business knowledge and skills at Centria!

We are known for our professionalism, flexibility as well as friendly and approachable lecturers. Whether you have previous business studies or a degree, or fresh work experience from the business field, we also have a possibility to integrate those skills into your BBA degree to speed up your studies.

In and around our geographical area, there are well-known and successful international companies. For example, the boat industry is globally known for the world-class yachts, and for example Rolls Royce also has manufacturing in Kokkola! That in mind, the focus of the BBA programme at Centria is entrepreneurship and international business. Throughout the studies students examine the growth of business enterprises from a business idea to a fully operational company in the international market.

The BBA studies at Centria start by laying a firm foundation on the basics of business: business planning, marketing, accounting, economics, management, intercultural competences and languages. During the second year, you can proceed to more advanced professional studies, but you will also have a chance to spend half a year in a well-reputable and international partnership university of Centria. You can choose from over 20 business universities around the world and apply for the ones that suit you best. Or, if you want to take it further, you have a possibility to integrate your studies at Centria with a business degree in our specific university partners in France and China by spending one year in one of those universities. You will receive two international degrees in one program, which is a real opportunity for you!

After the second year, and the potential exchange period, in the third year you will study further professional business courses at Centria – CRM, business law, international marketing, ERP, international economics, organizational development and global business studies – just to mention a few.

You will end the programme by producing a professional thesis with one of our skilled and experienced supervisors. An important part of the programme is work placement in a real company or other organization – either in Finland or abroad, again depending on your own interests and motivation. Remember that you have a full chance to do the work placement during your studies, for example in periodical breaks – we are flexible. We can even combine several working periods during your studies with your work experience gained before your BBA program studies at Centria UAS!

Occupational possibilities

BBA graduates can apply for practical and managerial positions. They can be hired to occupational titles such as: export & import manager, sales representative, marketing manager, key accountant, office manager, project manager, purchasing manager, CEO, financial manager, human resource manager and entrepreneur.

BBA degree provides skills and expertise in a large body of business fields and the program is focused on two main themes; entrepreneurship and internationalisation. Students are able to start, manage and maintain their own businesses, or develop their professions further in local or international companies, either in Finland or abroad. Students have abilities to work on sales, marketing, accounting, and management based occupations. They are capable of adapting and managing changes in the working life environments.

Co-operation with working life

We co-operate with a large number of companies, like Halpa-Halli, Minimani, KPO, Citymarket, Boliden Kokkola Oy, Best-Hall Oy, Art-Print, KPK Group, Decatour Electronics, Häggblom Oy, Nordea, Barona, Manpower, Baltic Yachts, Beneveo, HUR Oy, Central Ostrobothnia Hospital Center, Kokkola Sports Hall, Kärkkäinen, Eila Helen, CB City Kokkola, Kokkola Tourism, Town of Kokkola, KOSEK.


How to apply?


Applying with a qualification completed outside Finland 

The next application period for degree programmes conducted in English will be arranged between 5 January and 19 January 2022. The offered programmes and more information about them can be found here. The application period will end on 19 January 2022 at 3 pm Finnish time (UTC +2). This application period is going to be only for applicants applying with a qualification completed outside Finland. For applicants accepted in this application round, the studies are set to begin in August 2022.

More information concerning the application process for applicants applying with a qualification completed outside Finland can be found here.

APPLICATION LINK (will be published in January 2022):



More information about studies

Principal teacher Janne Peltoniemi
tel. +358 40 808 5127


More information about admission

Admissions Services 
tel. +358 40 808 6604 

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