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Business Intelligence Technologies
Tutkinto: Bachelor of Engineering
Opintomuoto: Full-time studies
Opintojen laajuus:4 years, 240 credits
Kampus: Talonpojankatu 2
Aloituspaikat: 30
Next application round is planned for spring 2022

The bachelor’s degree programme in Business Intelligence Technology combines business and technology

This programme is aimed at you, who want to become an expert in data-driven business and have various occupational possibilities in the future. The programme is offered in English and as full-time studies. The teaching is arranged on weekdays on our Talonpojankatu campus in Kokkola.

Business intelligence is an assortment of tools and strategies that analyze data and convert it into information that businesses can use in their decision-making processes. Business intelligence helps companies to collect the available data by delivering precise and real-time information for their use. During your studies, you will learn more about business intelligence and the technologies related to it. With the help of business intelligence, businesses can improve their performance. This means that businesses need experts who can master the business intelligence technologies and bring value to the company – this is exactly where our degree programme can help you.

During your studies, you will learn how to use data-driven business information technologies and how to use both sides: business and technology. You will learn programming, data analytics and artificial intelligence related matters. You will also learn how business systems are used in companies, what the technologies behind business systems are, how to adapt business technologies to meet the set criteria and how to develop business-related applications. After completing this programme, your future occupational title could be, for example, data-analytic, business system controller and information technology specialist.

The degree programme in Business Intelligence Technologies gives you a wide understanding of the opportunities that technology offers.

Outcomes of the degree programme:

  • To learn how business systems are used in companies and learn to analyze business processes.
  • To learn technologies behind business systems.
  • To learn how to adapt business technologies to meet the set criteria.
  • To learn how to develop business-related applications.
  • To learn how to analyze data related to business processes and how to produce visual reporting documents.


Structure of the studies

The bachelor’s degree programme in Business Intelligence Technology is offered in English as full-time studies. The contact teaching is arranged on our Talonpojankatu campus in Kokkola between 8 am – 6 pm on weekdays.

Studying at Centria UAS is very practical, and you will get many chances to participate in real-life projects together with working life representatives. We have a very active co-operation with companies, and the studies include visits to companies and guest lecturers from companies. In addition, work placements are part of the studies. During the work placement, you can practice and increase your know-how in an actual work environment. Work placements are a great way for you to show your expertise to a potential employer and get a summer job, for example. You can also practice your skills in our software factory and IT laboratory.

The engineering studies of business intelligence technology consist of core studies, profiling studies, which include specialization studies, optional studies, work placement and a thesis. The scope is 240 ECTS, and the length of the studies is around 4 years.


International Centria

Centria is one of the most international universities of applied sciences in Finland. Our students represent about 40 different countries from around the world, and you can feel the international atmosphere on our campuses.

We have around 130 partner universities, and if you are interested, you can study for a semester or a full academic year in one of the partner universities. Shorter exchanges are possible as well. Some of our students also do their work placement period abroad or in some international company.

During your studies, you have a great opportunity to practice your language and communications skills and get to know people from all over the world.


Career Options

In the future, the world needs more skilled Business Intelligence experts who understand both the technology side and the business side. Students who graduate from the Business Intelligence degree program at Centria UAS are professionals who can support their companies from both the business and technology sides. They are able to participate in data-driven projects as experts, and they also have the skills to become entrepreneurs.

Your occupational title in the future can be

  • data-analytic
  • project manager
  • use-case developer / designer
  • software developer
  • business system controller
  • information technology specialist


Postgraduate studies

After you have completed your bachelor’s degree and you have gained at least two years of work experience, you can apply to our master’s degree programme in Information Technology. You can also continue your studies at another university in Finland or abroad.

How to apply?


Applying with a qualification completed outside Finland 

The next application period for degree programmes conducted in English will be arranged between 5 January and 19 January 2022. The offered programmes and more information about them can be found here. The application period will end on 19 January 2022 at 3 pm Finnish time (UTC +2). This application period is going to be only for applicants applying with a qualification completed outside Finland. For applicants accepted in this application round, the studies are set to begin in August 2022.

More information concerning the application process for applicants applying with a qualification completed outside Finland can be found here.

APPLICATION LINK (will be published in January 2022):



More information about studying or applying

Information about the degree programme

Jari Isohanni
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Information about applying

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