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Frequently asked questions


When do I get confirmation of starting courses?

If course is cancelled for some reason, the students will be notified immediately after the enrollment time closes.

Students will receive email about the course by email approx. one week before the studies begins.


I haven't received my userID for the course, what should I do?

UserID is delivered to your email ( the one you have filled in the application) on the starting day of the studies at the latest. Please make sure that you have informed us with correct email.

If you haven't received userID, please check the trash mail also since some of the automatically sent messages go directly there.  If you are unable to found the userID, contact averko@centria.fi.


How can I give feedback of the course?

You are able to give your course feedback closer to the end of the course.


Course has started but I haven't heard from the teacher?

Log in to Itslearning and try contacting the teacher from there. If you haven't received email, it might be that your email address is written wrong or you have informed us with other email address.

You might also want to contact averko@centria.fi, so we can make sure your email address is correct.


I've completed the course but haven't received a grade to my school system. How do I get the grade in my PSP?

If you have enrolled via CampusOnline, check your school procedures here: Tranferring grades  

If you are open university student or toisen asteen väyläopiskelija, make a request for transcript of records to averko@centria.fi. Mention the course name and time of studies.


I want to cancel my participation, what do I do?

You can cancel your participation by contacting averko@centria.fi. Note that you have 3 weeks cancellation time from the course starting day.

If the cancellation is not done within the 3 weeks cancellation time, open university students are obligated to pay the participation fee in full.


I got an invoice for a course that I have cancelled?

Contact averko@centria.fi so that we can check your situation.

You have most likely cancelled your participation after the 3 weeks cancellation time has passed or the cancellation is done in wrong address (e.g. course tutor), and therefore billing is justified.

If your participation is cancelled within the 3 weeks cancellation time, the invoice is unjustified.


I'm not sure if the course is suitable for me?

Before enrolling please check with your own school to ensure that the course you are planning to participate is suitable for you.

Note that you have 3 weeks time from the beginning of studies to cancel your participation if the course is not suitable for you (contact averko@centria.fi).

If you have questions concerning the course and its description, please contact averko@centria.fi, we can ask futher information from the tutor.


I'm unable to log in to the course?

If the course is still ongoing, you should have no problems logging in > contact averko@centria.fi 

If the course you participated has already ended, the userid is most likely been locked and you no longer have access to study environment. Userid is automatically locked four weeks from ending of the course.

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