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Flexible study options

All Averko studies are mainly web-mediated. Even though online study is not completely independent of time and place, it generally does offer greater flexibility than traditional face-to-face teaching. The online classroom is open 24 hours a day, and it is just as easy to participate in an online studies from anywhere around the world. Studies offered by Averko have been designed to be as meaningful and flexible for students as possible. The commencement date and duration of each study are given, but many studies can be completed faster than the given timeframe allows, if a student so desires. In order to participate in an Averko studies, a student needs a computer with Internet access and appropriate sofware, an email address and a great deal of enthusiasm.

Itslearning study environment has been created for each Averko course. Each study comprises the following elements and tools:

* Syllabus: study information and description of study content 

* Learning materials and assignments: online study material, learning tasks and links

* Communication tools: email, discussion forum, possibly also a common workspace and chat room

* Instructions and feedback: instructions for using Itslearning and feedback to Averko

It's good to remember that utilising an information network does not itself add quality to teaching or make studying flexible. An interesting learning environment that uses information networks may however, combined with one's enthusiasm to learn, provide the necessary impetus towards meaningful study and learning.

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