How to apply to Bachelor´s

Applying to Centria University of Applied Sciences takes place at

Direct links to apply at (Direct links are coming later)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Environmental Chemistry and Technology
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing

The direct application to Centria will take place in 8th - 31st January 2020
. This application period concerns applicants who are applying with a qualification completed outside Finland.

Results of student admission spring 2020 will be announced in April 2020 the latest. All admitted applicants will be informed about admission by e-mail.

Applicant's checklist for the Direct application to Centria in January 2019

1. Start by filling in an online application form during the application period (9th January - 30th January 2019) at

  • If you get an application number from applicant register, your application has been registered (you do not have to contact the admissions office to check whether your application has been registered or not)
  • Use your application number when you are in contact with the admissions office
  • Remember that Centria University of Applied Sciences' degree programmes are not part of the Joint application in January 2019. For this reason, you can only apply to Centria's degree programmes with the Direct application to Centria / January 2019.

Send required documents by the deadline via the Webropol-form

  • a photocopy of your original certificate via Webropol form to the Admissions office of Centria UAS (applicants with non-Finnish qualification)
  • notice that only copies of the final certificates are accepted when sent via the Webropol form, official statements of results (for example by WAEC or Neco) must still be sent to Centria UAS directly from the organisation awarding the degree
  • If your documents do not arrive by the deadline, your eligibility cannot be evaluated which automatically means that you cannot be invited to the entrance examination/your motivation letter and video cannot be taken into consideration.

Information concerning the admission process will also be sent to you by e-mail

  • make sure that you give the right e-mail address and that it is working properly; otherwise, you may miss crucial information
  • give your own e-mail address because it is always safer when information concerning the application process is sent to your own e-mail address
  • confirmation of your application will be sent to your e-mail automatically by the applicant register as well as reminder of sending certificates

Make sure that your postal address is correct

Application process run by the Finnish Board of Education is free of charge for all applicants despite possible entrance examination fees if the entrance exam is arranged at the embassy

  • there is no need for using agents, because everyone can apply via internet and all necessary information concerning the application process is available at
  • an agent cannot guarantee that you get admission because all universities of applied sciences are following the same admission procedure and the same instructions and student admission is made by predefined admissions criteria

Discretionary admission: Centria UAS is using discretionary admission which means that also applicants who usually would not be eligible can be considered as eligible. An applicant can apply through discretionary admission if

  • he/she is not a citizen of an EU/EEA-country and does not graduate by the end of the application period or has already graduated but will not receive his/her final certificate by the end of the application period.

If you are applying through discretionary admission, you will have to send your documents to the admissions offices of all of your preferences, because every UAS using discretionary admission is making decisions concerning invitations to entrance examinations on basis of the documents an applicant applying through discretionary admission has sent.

You will find information about other Universities of Applied Sciences using discretionary admission at Please notice that each university of applied sciences using discretionary admission has it's own criteria for discretionary admission.

Before Arrival

Residence Permit

If you live outside EU or EEA, you need to apply for a residence permit before leaving for Finland. It is recommended to do so without delay at the nearest Finnish consulate or embassy after getting the notice of acceptance letter.

Please note! The precondition for obtaining a residence permit is that you have a valid health insurance coverage with a reliable and solvent company or institution. Further information can be found on the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.

Motivation letter  and motivation video

There are no entrance examinations for degree programmes in Information Technology, Business Management (ERP) and Environmental Chemistry and Technology.

To complete the process of applying to Centria to degree programmes mentioned above, you need to create a motivation letter and a motivation video via a link that you get after submitting your application at

Detailed information of the motivation letter and motivation video will be available after applying to Centria University of Applied Sciences. 

Direct application to Centria's Bachelors degrees in January 2019

Applying with a non-Finnish qualification certificate

  • submit a copy of your qualification certificate translated into Finnish, Swedish or English by an official (authorised) translator, if the original document is in none of these languages. Such translations must be signed and stamped by the translator. The translations must be submitted by 15th February 2019 at 3 pm, +2 GMT Finnish time to the Admissions Services.

Please notice that in this application period, eligibility is given only by a qualification completed outside Finland.

Use of Educational Agencies

The Finnish National Board of Education, the Finnish universities of applied sciences and the Finnish embassies are cooperating in informing foreign applicants that it is not recommended to use fee-charging educational consultants to make applications to Finnish polytechnics.

Charging a fee for helping someone to complete the application to Bachelor degree programmes conducted in English at Finnish UASs is against the very principles of the joint application. If an applicant wants help e.g. in completing the application or something else relating to the application process, it is recommended that the applicant contacts the UAS, the Finnish National Board of Education and/or their local Finnish Embassy. These are the only reliable sources of information. No local agency has been accredited as an official representative of Finnish UASs and therefore this kind of agency cannot give the applicant reliable advice.

Furthermore, an applicant should always fill in the application him/herself and use his/her own contact details; this ensures that the applicant receives all important information directly from the UAS.

The arrangements for the entrance examinations are in all cases arranged by the UASs in cooperation with reliable partners such as the Finnish Embassy, and the fee charged of the applicants at this point is due to the cost generated by the use of the Embassy's premises and personnel. No other fee is charged during the application process.

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