Frequently asked questions

1* What is a tuition fee, what does it cover and who has to pay it?

The tuition fee are fees charged by Centria UAS for instruction or other services. Tuition fees will be charged from citizens of a country outside the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

2* How much are the tuition fees at Centria UAS?
Centria University of Applied Sciences has set the tuition fees for the academic year 2018/2019 as follows:
Degree programme - Tuition fee/year
Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Management, International business) - 6000 €
Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology, Environmental Chemistry and Technology) - 6000 €
Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing - 8500 €

3* Are there any scholarships?
Centria University of Applied Sciences offers a scholarship scheme for tuition fee paying students:
In the Bachelor’s programmes, students get a 50% voucher on the following year’s tuition fee in case a student has completed 55 credits during the first academic year.

4* What is this Early Bird discount?
Early Bird discount: If you accept the study place and pay the tuition fee within two weeks after getting a notification that you have been accepted to study at Centria, you will get an early bird discount, which is 1500€, off the tuition fee. So, for example, in BBA degree programme tuition fee is 6000€. By paying within two weeks of getting accepted, the student will benefit from the early bird discount and pay 4500€.

5* Euros and dollars?
Current exchange rate for the dollar and euros (19th Dec 2018):
1 dollar = 0,88 euros
1 euro = 1,14 dollars

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