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The Centria UAS organisation


Centria University of Applied Sciences is owned by Centria University of Applied Sciences Ltd. The stakeholders are the City of Kokkola, the City of Ylivieska, the Ostrobothnian Chamber of Commerce, the Central Ostrobothnian Entrepreneurs Association, the Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia, the Education Federation of the Jokilaakso Region, the City of Pietarsaari, the Raudaskylä Christian College Association and the Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory Association.

Rector Kari Ristimäki is the CEO of Centria University of Applied Sciences Ltd.  The UAS's operating model is based on processes:  learning process and the process of research, development and innovation.

The main shareholder is the City of Kokkola with a 27 percent share.

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