Instructions regarding the Coronavirus epidemic

The preparedness group of Centria UAS held a meeting on Monday 10th August, 2020 and determined current instructions regarding the coronavirus situation. These instructions are valid for now and they will be updated if the situation changes. The personnel and students of Centria UAS are requested to follow Centria’s website for possible updates. The preparedness group of Centria UAS has a meeting on every Monday from now on.

Working at campuses
  • We are waiting for government’s official guidelines for remote work.
  • Remote work is allowed for now but employee must settle it with his/her supervisor.
  • The number of participants in meetings is limited.
  • It is still possible to attend meetings via Teams. 
  • Talonpojankatu Campus in Kokkola is open from 7:30-18:00, Vierimaantie Campus in Ylivieska is open from 7:00-16:00.
  • The intention is to organize lectures at campuses but students can join the lectures also remotely.
  • Laboratories and simulation practices are intended to be organized at campuses. Discuss with your teacher if you are part of the risk group.
  • The distance between tables is increased and the number of chairs is reduced in the restaurant in Talonpojankatu Campus. The restaurant doesn’t accept cash money for now. Students can have take away lunch by showing the meal subsidy card to the restaurant personnel.
  • The restaurant in Vierimaantie Campus in Ylivieska is open as usual.
Work trips, events and visits
  • Regarding to government’s recommendations, unnecessary traveling should be avoided.
  • Every work trip will be decided case-by-case.
  • Traveling between campuses is allowed.
  • If an employee travels abroad as a private person, he/she might have to stay at home in quarantine which is not compensated by the employer.
  • The events will be mainly organized online during the autumn term.
  • The visitors are welcome but international guests are received case-by-case.
Exchange students and international degree students
  • Incoming exchange students and international degree students must stay at self-quarantine for two weeks arfter arrival and before starting their studies.
Other things to pay attention to
  • Everyone can slow down the spread of coronavirus with their own actions.
  • Visit the campus only when you are completely symptomless.
  • Take good care of the hand hygiene and coughing etiquette and make sure to keep the safe distance.
  • You can freely use a face mask but it is not obligatory to use it. In case of contact education, the teacher provides the masks.
  • Contact the public health service by phone if you have flu symptoms (cold, fever, muscle soreness or shortness of breath): Kokkola, tel. 06 828 7499, Ylivieska, tel. 08 419 5140, Pietarsaari, tel. 06 786 1333.
  • If an employee or a student, or his/her family member, close friend or relative has any symptoms that resemble the symptoms of Covid-19, it is recommended that the person doesn’t come to the campuses until he/she has made a coronavirus test and it is proven that he/she doesn’t have coronavirus infection.
  • The personnel can use extended self-announcements of absence (7 days with supervisor’s permission).
  • We recommend that students and personnel follow the public announcements of the officials as well as to check your Centria email also outside of working hours.

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