Instructions regarding the Coronavirus epidemic

The preparedness group of Centria UAS held a meeting on Tuesday 17.3.2020 and determined current instructions regarding the coronavirus situation. These instructions are valid until 13.5.2020 and they will be updated if the situation changes. The personnel and students of Centria UAS are requested to follow Centria’s website for possible updates.

  • All the campuses are going to be closed between 18.3.-13.4.2020. The doors will be closed. There will be information for students on the main doors on how to reach the porter/janitor to open the doors during the office hours. More information is below.

  • The information is updated 31.3.2020: The campuses are going to be closed until 13.5.2020.


  • Student can do the maturity test or join a necessary teaching or guidance meeting but it has to be settled in advance with the head of department.
  • Student can use the self-service machines for borrowing and returning books. The student must contact the porter/janitor first by phone. The porter/janitor will then come and open the door.
  • Student can do a self-announcement of absence for the head of department. The announcement is extended for up to 7 days.
  • The public health nurses of the school will give instructions for students by email.
  • The student affairs services are available primarily by email. Centria will maintain all the necessary operations of student affairs and accommodation related services.
  • The student counselling is available remotely:


  • Necessary teaching and guidance meetings as well as maturity tests can be organized. Only the teacher and maximum of ten people can be present at the same time. It’s very important to keep sufficient distance to other people and to take care of good hand and respiration hygiene. These above-mentioned teaching and guiding situations and maturity tests must be settled in advance with the director of education.
  • If it is not possible to organize a lecture by using electronical devices remotely, the teacher can organize the lecture at the campus and use the campus’ devices. The teacher must leave the premises immediately when the lecture is over. This kind of activity is only allowed with the permission of the supervisor so that we are aware of the people who are at the campus. It’s still important to avoid close contact with other people.
  • Teachers are asked to prepare for a situation where teaching is organized as distant teaching until 30.4.2020.
  • Teachers must give instructions to their group about teaching methods in Optima, Tuudo or by email.

RDI operations

  • RDI personnel will work mainly remotely but necessary RDI operations can be continued on campuses. This must be settled with the supervisor so that we are aware of the people who are at the campus. However, no more than 10 people can be at the same room at the same time.


  • Library services are working remotely and electrically. The personnel of the Centria library serves online on weekdays from 9 am to 15 pm.
  • IT services are functioning as following: The helpdesk services in Pietarsaari are available remotely. Close contact is also possible but with 1-day notice. There are two people at helpdesk in Kokkola and one person in Ylivieska. It is suggested to contact helpdesk electrically.
  • Learning services are working mainly remotely and electrically. The learning services are offering trainings regarding remote work and remote/distant teaching. Learning services will inform about this separately. In case of technical issues, teachers can contact Paula Santapakka (
  • International Partnerships & Exchange office work mainly remotely and electrically.
  • Finance and human resources work remotely and electrically. Porters/janitors are obliged to open the invoicing mail that is addressed to the finance department and scan the invoices to the finance department. In this exceptional situation the receipts can be either scanned or photographed. The original receipts are delivered later.
  • Communication and marketing team is working remotely and electrically. Contact by email
  • The porters/janitors are available on weekdays from 9.00 am to 15.00 pm.
  • Executive assistant Kati Bång will work at the campus daily. Kati can contact the management if needed and attain important and necessary signatures and approvals. The rector will also visit the campus daily.

Other things to pay attention to

  • The supervisors are urged to create a substitute system for the critical operations
  • Regarding the critical administrative and support services, the supervisor can cancel all the holidays that were planned to March or April.
  • All the work trips, both domestic and international, are cancelled. Just the necessary domestic trips and trips between the campuses allowed but only with supervisor’s permission.


  • The personnel can use extended self-announcements of absence (7 days with supervisor’s permission)
  • If the symptoms get worse, contact the student health care service/occupational health service first by phone
  • After the respiratory infection symptoms have disappeared, you can continue to work remotely
  • We recommend the personnel to follow the public announcements of the officials as well as to check work email outside of working hours.


Food donations


Kokkola Finnish parish: Food donation at the Kokkola Finnish parish, adress Kärpänpolku 4, Kokkola on Tuesdays at 12.00.  You can get your food bag from a table in front of Ankkuri.

Diaconia (book a time in advance:

Hyväkello: Food donations at Helluntaiseurakunta's maindoor, address Hakalahdenkatu 88, Kokkola on Mondays and Thursdays at 15-17

Spr/ Kokkola: Assistance and a friend service,


Pietarsaaren sosiaalinen yhteistyöjärjestö ry: Distribution of food aid every Tuesday at 18.00 at the address Alhomsgatan 7, Jakobstad. Entry via the inner yard.


Eväitä elämään ry: Food donations (Joutsentie 11, 84100 Ylivieska) 4.5.2020 at 12:00 - 13:30.
Next occasions 8.5., 11.5., 15.5., 18.5., 22.5., 25.5. Eväitä Elämään ry, 045 224 2180‬, eve@eväitäelämää 

Ylivieska parish: Financial aid. More information (in Finnish only)


Student psychologist’s instructions:

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