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Campuses and region

Centria University of Applied Sciences has operations in the three towns of Kokkola, Ylivieska and Pietarsaari. This region is not only characterized by the old towns, the sea with its archipelago, and vivid bilingualism, but also by the long river valleys, traditional country life and bustling local cultures.

Kokkola, a pleasant town of 47,000 inhabitants, has ample opportunities for leisure and outdoor activities all year round.

The good transport connections of Ylivieska made this town grow into the Southern Centre of the Oulu Region. The town has 13,400 easy-going inhabitants.

Proximity to the sea, a major feature of Pietarsaari, is well demonstrated both in its study and work life. Pietarsaari is a distinctly bilingual town of 20,000 inhabitants. 

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